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Online Marketing Whitepaper


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A Dated Introduction to Online Marketing*

*Note: This is the original version of a whitepaper that was authored in 2001 by iCondotta's founder and principal consultant, Stephan Aarstol. It's a useful primer, but dated - pre-Wikipedia (2001), pre-Google AdWords PPC (2002), way pre-YouTube (2005), you get the picture...

Stickiness - The term “Stickiness” describes a website’s ability to keep a web surfers attention

Sticky website content tends to hold a web surfers attention for a longer period of time than non-sticky content. Every web user, at some point, has innocently started clicking around on a certain website, looked up an hour later, and realized that they were still on the same site. That’s website stickiness. Even a site that only holds a web users attention for two minutes can be considered sticky if the same user consistently goes back every few days for another two-minute session. A website’s degree of stickiness is relevant to advertisers that are looking to get a certain amount of impression frequency for their ads. More importantly, sticky content also implies popular or well-liked content that likely adds to the effectiveness of advertising associated with that content.

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Authored in 2001 by Stephan Aarstol
while Director of Business Development