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Online Marketing Whitepaper


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A Dated Introduction to Online Marketing*

*Note: This is the original version of a whitepaper that was authored in 2001 by iCondotta's founder and principal consultant, Stephan Aarstol. It's a useful primer, but dated - pre-Wikipedia (2001), pre-Google AdWords PPC (2002), way pre-YouTube (2005), you get the picture...

Site or Section Sponsorships

A site or section sponsorship is an ad pricing model whereby the advertiser is charged a flat-rate fee based on the length of time an ad placement resides on a web page or group of web pages, rather than on some type of non-temporal performance measure such as number of impressions (CPM), number of click-thrus (CPC), or number of other actions (CPA). A sponsorship placement is typically priced per week or per month. The most highly desired ad space on the Internet is usually only offered according to a sponsorship pricing model. One of the most attractive features of many Internet content sponsorships is the ability to lock up a popular advertising content channel exclusively. In addition to the various tangible advertising effects, exclusive sponsorships can also be used as a formidable block of a competitor’s advertising options.

An often overlooked benefit of site and section sponsorships is that they are essentially highly-targeted venue sponsorships, no different than traditional venue or event sponsorships. This exemplifies the primary difference between site and section sponsorships, and immediate response-oriented web advertising such as banner ads and text ads. Site and section sponsorships are branding machines, with the ability to razor-target affinity groups.

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Authored in 2001 by Stephan Aarstol
while Director of Business Development