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Online Marketing Whitepaper


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A Dated Introduction to Online Marketing*

*Note: This is the original version of a whitepaper that was authored in 2001 by iCondotta's founder and principal consultant, Stephan Aarstol. It's a useful primer, but dated - pre-Wikipedia (2001), pre-Google AdWords PPC (2002), way pre-YouTube (2005), you get the picture...

Interstitial Ads

Like the infamous advertisements for popcorn stitched into a movie reel at the theaters, an interstitial on the web refers to an ad placement that gets inserted somewhere, usually in between the content that people are looking at. There really isn’t a consistent functional use of the term interstitial and so it largely depends who you’re talking to. The most common usage of the term interstitial refers to an ad that is presented to the web surfer while they are waiting for the next web page to load into their browser. Interstitials are really not all that common on the web.

>> Pop-up and Pop-under Ads

Authored in 2001 by Stephan Aarstol
while Director of Business Development