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  Recommended Online Marketing Firm

John Sadler
Principal Consultant
The Code Lab


“Stephan is creative, persistent, and energetic, and he really knows his web marketing from years of entrepreneurial experience. At Auntminnie we counted on Stephan both for creative approaches to developing our audience and strong deal closing skills. It would be a pleasure to work with him again.”


  Paul Davis
Director of Marketing

“Stephan brings a wealth of experience to the online realm. He is excellent at researching and evaluating opportunities and then creating ways to monetize them. He is professional, results driven and understands online marketing inside and out. I would highly recommend working with Stephan.”


  Jay Gibson
Marketing Project Manager

“Without a doubt, Stephan has the most entrepreneurial spirit of anyone I know. He is a can do, will do type of guy. His dedication to a given objective is unwavering. Stephan will get the job done, and have a great time doing it. He is an asset to any organization. Highly Recommended!”


  Kelly Andrews
Founding Partner
Fairhaven Health

“I had the good fortune of making Stephan's acquaintance when his company, Sidepot Gaming, was headquartered in Bellingham, WA. As both our companies are ecommerce-oriented, we had much in common and frequently met to discuss our respective operations. Stephan quickly became an invaluable resource for us, providing guidance on a wide range of issues. In particular, his expertise and creativity when it comes to online marketing has yielded us significant returns. Stephan tends to be the first person outside of my own company I consult when confronted with a challenge, and the first opinion I solicit when assessing an opportunity.”


  Serhat Pala
TestCountry (an Inc 500 company)

“Stephan found the concept, planned on it, acted and executed and followed to improve it. Sounds easy but in my work experience I have come to learn that, this is exemplary behavior. Stephan will be a great source for any size company that can benefit from a creative individual, with a winner drive and a focus for execution. Stephan is a good learner, good listener and a business savvy individual. He is a good entrepreneur and can also be an excellent intrapreneur for a company that values and looks for entrepreneurialism in their corporate culture”



Robert McArdle
Director of Online Marketing


“Stephan and I have worked together on projects over the last 10 years and his work is exceptional. He has an in-depth knowledge of all facets of online marketing and has an uncanny ability to bring profitable revenue streams to market in a timely manner. He has both the creativity and analytical mind for online marketing and understands how they relate to each other, a quality not found in many.”


  Joanne Gavalec Aarstol
Marketing Communications Consultant

“I have known Stephan since we both attended the MBA program at the University of San Diego in 1998, and I have collaborated on and closely followed most of his business pursuits (corporate, entrepreneurial and consultative) for the past decade. He has an outstanding ability to produce results and create value and growth, quickly and wisely. By relying on his innate business acumen and constant evolving understanding of cutting edge Internet marketing principles, I’ve literally seen him double a company’s Internet revenues in a matter of months. I’ve seen him take a company from unknown to industry leader in a remarkably short period of time. Additionally - but importantly - he has accomplished this every time with minimal, if any, investment required, with constrained resources and at a breakneck pace, against many obstacles. To a small company, what he brings to the table will likely quickly and perpetually change the dynamics of their competitive positioning within their industry, while having a significant financial impact. To a large company, his contributions will be measured financially in the millions.”


  Matt Madeoy
Sound Cleaning Resources

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Stephan both as a friend and classmate at Western Washington University and as an online marketing advisor. Stephan is a visionary entrepreneur with the creative and analytical abilities to produce great results. He is unsurpassed when it comes to maximizing results while minimizing expenses with regard to search engine optimization, web design and overall online marketing. He is able to do this with the overall intent being maximum profitability. I would highly recommend Stephan and his impact on companies large and small.”


  Travis Smith
Vice President of Sales
CampusDocs Inc.

“Whether it’s through hard work, creative thinking or both, Stephan will get the job done. He is a patient listener and outstanding team leader. He gets results. He has always been an honest, knowledgeable and an upfront person to do business with. You always know where you stand with Stephan and being in business I appreciate that. I will make it a point to continue my relationship with Stephan and would highly recommend him to any organization.”